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The issue of constitutional law legitimacy on “human assisted reproduction” between reasonableness of the choices and effectiveness of the protection of all involved subjects

Simone Penasa


This artiche analyzes the constitutionality petition to the constitutional Court against Law 40 of 2004 on "human assisted reproduction", where it prohibits the "preimplantatory genetical diagnosis", because it could be against the mother's right to health (art. 32 Italian Constitution) and the egalitarian protection clause (art. 3 Italian Constitution). In the constitutionally petition the ordinary judge proposes an interpretation in accordance with Constitution of the contested disposition (art. 13 of Law 40 of 2004) and this could be the possibility to teste the "living law" theory and its relation with the "adequate interpretation" of the law and the Constitution.

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Pubblicato il: Giovedì, 12 Ottobre 2006 - Ultima modifica: Martedì, 09 Luglio 2019
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