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The Italian Law on assisted reproductive technologies n. 40 of 2004 facing the European Court of Human Rights: the case of Costa and Pavan v. Italy

Simone Penasa


This article will describe the current legal framework on assisted reproduction technology (ART) regulation in Italy, taking into account recent case-law derived from the implementation of the Law40 of 2004 on ART. Special attention will be devoted to the case of Costa and Pavan v. Italy, recently decided by the Tenth Session of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). In that decision, the European Court declared the incompatibility of the ban to pre-implantation genetic diagnosis introduced by the abovementioned Italian law on ART. The case will be analysed from a dual perspective. On the one hand, it will be considered in the light of the ECtHR case-law, in order to derive systematic aspects of continuity or discontinuity between the former and the latter. On the other hand, the case will be considered in the light of its concrete and prospective impact on the Italian legal approach to ART regulation, considering especially the direct and indirect influence of the case: e.g., its possible utilisation by Italian judges when they are called upon to implement Law 40.

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Pubblicato il: Lunedì, 18 Febbraio 2013 - Ultima modifica: Sabato, 06 Luglio 2019
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