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Social egg freezing: a reproductive chance or smoke and mirrors?

Cinzia Piciocchi Lucia Busatta

Articolo di Lucia Martinelli, Lucia Busatta, Lucia Galvagni, Cinzia Piciocchi, pubblicato in Croatian Medical Journal , n. 4, 2015, pp. 387-391.


Autologous human oocyte cryopreservation allows storing woman’s eggs to be used later by the same donor when therapeutic or elective reasons induce women to post-pone motherhood. In the non-medical motivation, the term ‘social’ freezing is currently used. Shifting the awareness from a medical procedure to social relations, frozen oocytes are becoming polemic bio-objects which pose new questions about timing related to fertility decline and motherhood, and point out the ambiguous interpretation of biology innovations as promoter of new opportunities or new facade of enduring contradictions.

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Lucia Martinelli, Lucia Galvagni

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