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Verso un diritto “technologically immersive”: la sperimentazione normativa in prospettiva comparata

Simone Penasa

Articolo di Simone Penasa, pubblicato in DPCE Online, v. 57, 2023, pp. 671 - 696.


The aim of the paper is to analyse and systematise the most recent normative experiences that, within a comparative panorama that is still inevitably fragmented, can be traced back to a "dualistic" conception of technology in relation to law, on the one hand, and to an idea of law and regulation as 'immersive' with regard totechnology, on the other hand. Artificial intelligence-based systems in the context of the exercise of public functions has been identified as the most paradigmatic example of this trend. The adaptation of existing regulatory tools can play a decisive function in order to ensure a physiological integration of the digital and technological architecture into the pre-existing constitutional matrix, via the enactment of r such as regulatory sandboxes and algorithmic impact assessment tools.

Keywords: Comparative law; Artificial intelligence; Regulatory sandbox; Experimental legislation; Law and technology.

Pubblicato il: Mercoledì, 26 Aprile 2023 - Ultima modifica: Giovedì, 22 Giugno 2023
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