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Towards an emerging notion of European ordre public: a comment on the case-law about international surrogacy in Europe

Marta Tomasi

Contributo di Marta Tomasi in R. Toniatti and D. Strazzari (eds.), Legal pluralism in Europe and the ordre public exception: normative and judicial perspectives, Trento, 2016 (Proceedings of the International Workshop held in Trento, 16 and 17 April 2015).


1. Some reasons for a pragmatic approach. 2. Surrogacy:practices that divide. 3. International public policy clause. 4. Some case-law: two main judiciary approaches. 5. Public policy reservation and the explicit prohibition of surrogacy. 6. The case-law of the ECtHR. 7. The aftermath of the ECtHR’s judgments. 8. Drafting some conclusions: a European approach to ordre public.

ISBN: 978-88-8443-683-2

Altri autori

R. Toniatti, D. Strazzari

Pubblicato il: Martedì, 27 Settembre 2016 - Ultima modifica: Mercoledì, 10 Luglio 2019
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