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The role of scientific advisory bodies and Biden administration: a laboratory for an evidence-based decision-making process?

Simone Penasa

Articolo di Simone Penasa, pubblicato in DPCE Online, v. 56, 2023, pp. 333 - 344.


This article provides an analysis of the approach taken by Biden administration to the involvement of scientific consultative bodies within its decision-making processes. Particular relevance is devoted to the political commitment to enforce an evidence-based method of political decision-making, which is concretely defined in a number of institutional and regulatory initiatives, that may contribute to defining Biden administration as a laboratory in this context.

Keywords: US government; decision-making process; evidence; consultative bodies.

Pubblicato il: Sabato, 04 Febbraio 2023 - Ultima modifica: Mercoledì, 15 Febbraio 2023
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