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The change of definitions in a multidisciplinary landscape: the case of human embryo and pre embryo identification

Cinzia Piciocchi


In contemporary knowledge landscapes, interdisciplinary communication is crucial. In many cases, the interaction among experts of different fields is challenging, especially with regard to controversial definitions at the intersection of law, science, and bioethics. We analyze the legal definitions of the term “embryo” as the result of legal, ethical, as well as scientific implications, at the intertwining of social changes and scientific advancements. We show how embryo is a complex word, which may be interpreted in different ways. Taking into account the latest research advances on early stage embryo development, we focus on the delicate roles of law in balancing differing claims of scientific investigation and bio-ethic concerns. We conclude that sensitive ethical definitions are the synthesis of often competing interests among different disciplines. Moreover, human feelings toward controversial biology innovations should be taken into account.

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Lucia Martinelli

Pubblicato il: Sabato, 01 Ottobre 2016 - Ultima modifica: Martedì, 02 Luglio 2019
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