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I pareri del CTS in tema di misure sanitarie di prevenzione e contrasto della pandemia. Una mancata occasione di “normalizzazione” dei processi di informazione scientifica della produzione normativa?

Marta Tomasi

Abstract: In the pandemic context, public decision-makers in many jurisdictions have relied on national institutes or agencies that traditionally provide advice and opinions, others have proceeded to activate competent bodies for the management of emergency situations, and still others have resorted to the creation of an ad hoc technical-scientific committee. This contribution aims to map the opinions drawn up by the Italian Scientific Technical Committee (Comitato Tecnico Scientifico) on health measures to prevent and combat the pandemic. The analysis of the role played by this body, within a legal system that is still lagging behind with respect to the definition of technical-scientific consultation procedures, is useful to verify how the permeability between science and politics has taken shape, according to which mechanisms and with which results. The paper will try to understand whether the experience is connoted too strongly by the emergency nature of the situation or whether something can be saved for future improvements.

Pubblicato il: Mercoledì, 04 Maggio 2022
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