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Call for applications - Technological Innovation and Law 2019
Anno 2018

E' stata pubblicata la Call for applications per il corso intensivo Technological Innovation and Law 2019, che si terrà a Pavia dal 4 all'8 febbraio 2019.

Call for application  the Technological Innovation and Law intensive course, which will take place in Pavia, 4-8 February 2019.

Scope and Objective of the course
Technology is changing the practice of law and the meaning of being a lawyer today. Legal practitioners and judges already use advanced technological tools in their everyday activity and innovative and powerful technologies are being developed at a great pace. Document builder systems, online legal assistance, blockchain, smart contracts, artificial Intelligence and machine learning systems, big data analytics – in two words, technological innovation – have opened new legal scenarios, and are posing profound theoretical challenges. Consequently, legal studies are expected to reconsider the way the law is conceived and conceptualized in its current transnational and global status.

The Technological Innovation and Law (TIL) is open to PhD students, young researchers and early career professionals. The call is open also to master degree students (4th – 5th year) enrolled in the faculty of Law; nevertheless, given the scope of the course, they will be admitted only in case of excellent
background and strong motivation.

Full information and instructions to apply at this link.

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