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Diritti della natura e diritti degli animali

Cinzia Piciocchi

Articolo di Cinzia Piciocchi, pubblicato in DPCE Online, v. 58, 2023, pp. 251 - 274.


This paper analyses the constitutional protection of nature and animals. It analyses the protection of both theseconcepts and of the future generations, which are often mentioned together by the constitutions. Specific initiatives aimed at attributing specific rights to some animals (large mammals) are taken into consideration as well. It also explores the constitutional courts’ jurisprudence, concerning traditional and religious practices contrary to animal welfare. The legal instruments for the protection of animals are discussed, in relation to the respect for their otherness.

Keywords: Nature; Animals; Environment; Animal welfare; Comparative constitutional jurisprudence.

Pubblicato il: Mercoledì, 31 Maggio 2023 - Ultima modifica: Giovedì, 22 Giugno 2023
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