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Decision Making Within Institutions

Carlo Casonato

Contributo di Caro Casonato, pubblicato in E. Valdés, J.A. Lecaros (a cura di), Handbook of Bioethical Decisions. Volume II. Collaborative Bioethics, vol. 3, Springer, 2023, pp. 241-253.


The aim of the Committee’s discussions is to contribute to giving the conceptual instruments to those in governments and to society, in a broad sense, so as to understand the complex, dynamic, changeable ethical issues and their importance and urgency, envisaging the possible scenarios and lines of action in social policies to be undertaken at public level. These lines of action should attempt, through the search for an ethical balance, to reconcile the needs of science and technology to progress with the protection of human beings, health, environment, and future generations. In this way, ethics committees play a key role in developing and implementing institutional ethics.

Keywords: bioethics committees; decision making; ethics; institutional ethics; science and technology.

Pubblicato il: Giovedì, 29 Giugno 2023 - Ultima modifica: Giovedì, 28 Settembre 2023
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