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The doctor-patient relationship in times of pandemic between care needs and scarce resources: challenges and opportunities

SEED Conference

April 29, 2021
15.30-18.00 (CEST)
Plenary session

Institutional Greetings

Maria Pia Abbracchio, Deputy Rector and Vice Rector for Research

Chiara Amalfitano, Head of the Department of Italian and Supernational Public Law

Opening Address and Welcome Speech

Lorenza Violini, Professor of Constitutional Law

Keynote Speakers

Mark Siegler, Lindy Bergman Distinguished Service Professor of Medicine and Surgery, University of Chicago, Director of the University of Chicago's McLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics, Executive Director of the Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence
Clinical Medical Ethics: Its History and Contributions to American Medicine

Orlando Carter Snead, Professor of Law, Director de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture Notre Dame University, elected fellow of the Hastings Center
What It means to be Human: Remembering the Body in a Pandemic

Luca Valera, Professor in Bioethics and Applied Ethics, Director of the Center for Bioethics, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
COVID-19 and Ethics: A Latin American Perspective

Benedetta Barbisan, Professor of Comparative Public Law, University of Macerata
Patient's Prototypes and Real Persons

Tommaso Fossali, Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Ospedale Sacco, University of Milan
Intensivists during Covid pandemica: role of the relationship with patients and their relatives

April 30, 2021
9.30-13.00 (CEST)
Panel discussion

Introduction and Conclusion

Benedetta Vimercati, Assistant Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Milan

Antonio Baraggia, Associate Professor of Comparative Public Law, University of Milan

Keynote Speaker and Chair

Luigi Cominelli, Associate Professor in Philosophy and Sociology of Law, University of Milan
Health and Society: Reinforcing Interdependence in a Post-Pandemic World

Panel I: The doctor-patient relationship in times of pandemic

Prabhpreet Singh, Assistant Professor of Law, Manipal University Jaipur
Examining Medical Ethics through the lens of Constitution

Piero De Rosa, Lawyer and LL.M Student, Luigi Bocconi University
The "expert patient": proper information and active participation in the doctor-patient relationship as means to contrast hospitals' saturation

Panel II: New technologies and the doctor-patient relationship

Caterina Di Costanzo, Research fellow at the Legal Sciences Department, University of Florence
The access to intensive care during the pandemic. Can artificial intelligence tools replace the decision making of professionals?

Luca Rinaldi, PhD Student in European and Comparative Legal Studies, University of Trento
Algorithms in tragic choices: first legal issues on patient rights and data protection

Marta Fasan, PhD Candidate in European and Comparative Legal Studies, University of Trento
Towards an Algorithm-Patient Relationship? Early remarks on the emerging legal issues concerning the application of AI in the doctor-patient relationship

Panel III: a comparative perspective

Arvind Nath Tripathi, Research Assistant, Damodarama Sanjivayya National Law University
Indian legal framework and the concept of Sharma deal with the COVID-19 pandemic

Yuri Tornero Cruzatt, PhD in Comparative Law and History Law, University of Ferrara, and Constitutional Law and Comparative Law Professor Universidad San Marcos and Universidad Tecnólogica del Perú
Exception and decision: Judicial review on euthanasia in the Peruvian and comparative experience

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